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Racznos Studio:  Where everything is made with you in mind.

Our Moms with their Christmas quilts.


Look how happy our Moms are with the Christmas quilts we made them.

About Us

Looking for an outlet to express our creative sides, in 2004, we took a beading class and immediately saw all the possibilities some beads and wire afforded. Classes with national teachers and bead jewelry designers  expanded our creative outlook. 

Joanne's desire to learn more about color and fullfill a dream to paint came to fruition when she  started taking a couple oil painting classes. 

In 2011, Joanne and Liana discovered the world of sewing and embroidery.  We love working with color and design.   Quilting and embroidering allow us to further express our creativity.  Our embroidery library consists of over 700 designs and continues to grow.


We create embroidered clothing, kitchen and bath towels, and bags.  We also sew custom pillowcases, handbags and quilted throws. In our jewelry line, we will be happy to create that perfect pair of  earrings or bracelet to coordinate with your favorite outfit.

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 Most Recent Projects


We started with just a basic machine and little experience.  Over the past year, we've taken numerous classes to learn various techniques which we've incorporated into our work.  The upgrade of our sewing machines and the addition of an embroidery unit has enabled us to expand our repetoire of work.


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